Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IndieCade Feedback and Reminder

Hi All,
Hope everyone is in good health and sorry for long being away but each one of us (Amidos and Omar) were working on an experimental games to get the idea of our next commercial game because our next action game (The Fast Encounter) need lots of art and Omar is still practicing his skills :)

First today we just got the feedback on Clean'Em Up from the IndieCade Jury and here it is:
"I found your game fun !

I liked the customizations, wish there were more options though or paths I could take. Seemed very linear to me or if not linear grindy. Early rewards/choices would definitely keep your users for longer.

There were a couple of bugs though with the game on my laptop. It spiked a lot and many times I would end up dying because of it. I wonder if this has to do with widescreen and rendering. Also, work a little bit on the saving sessions. For example, if I was in survival mode, was there a way to load a previous session in the campaign mode or did I have to restart it ?

I liked the level of polish on the game and think it will definitely be a cool Steam game to play.
Fun and polished, though still buggy in a few areas. Really liked the central conceit of the game, and the game seemed like a solid aesthetic whole around that idea. Would love to see you explore the space of shooter interaction looking for new mechanics, or ways to apply those mechanics that have more feedback and applicability to your central theme.

I think that's a nice feedback on the game and really don't know what do he mean the spike he said happened to him :S so if anyone have same problem could you inform me :)

I am reminding you that Clean'Em Up is on Steam Greenlight and we need more votes to get to steam so even if you bought the game before could you vote for it on steam :) Thanks in advance :)

Last thing is Amidos (with the help of Omar Khaled in level design) last game Balls, you should go try it and give us your feedback on it as it may be a prototype for our next commercial game if you have nice feedback on it (link) :)
That's everything for now :)

Bye Bye

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