Friday, June 22, 2012

Clean'Em Up released on Desura

Hey All,
Today is the launch day of Clean'Em Up and its now on Desura (there is a demo their you can try before buy :D).
Desura Digital Distribution
The Game as you know contain lots of content (which is fun) and features:
  • DRM Free
  • Twin Stick Shooter with nice candy effects
  • Shooting from both direction (Back2Back Engine)
  • 70+ Levels with 5 different Gameplay modes
  • 3 Survival modes
  • 5 Boss fights
  • Customizable Character (Consisting from 4 pieces)
  • 18 Weapons
  • 6 Characters with Overclocking ability
  • 20+ Achievements
Hope you give it a shot and you won't regret that you tried it :)
The game got featured recently on Last thing today will have some give away and competition on Twitter just keep tuned with @OmidosGames for these competitions.
That's everything for now stay tuned :)

Bye Bye

Monday, June 18, 2012

Clean'Em Up Release Date and Prices

Hey All,
What a fast Desura!!! The game will be published on 22/6/2012 on Desura. The game will cost about 3.99$ You can preorder the game or wait and try the demo and if you love top down shooters the game won't let you down :)
Desura Digital Distribution
That's everything for now and stay tune to @OmidosGames twitter account at release day where some competitions are going to be done on that day :)

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Clean'Em Up News

Hey All,

This is the first blog post of Omidos, as you know we are two partners me(Amidos) and Omar Khaled.

Since this is our blogpost so I though I might show some screenshots about Clean'Em Up and tell some news about it.

First of all we have finished the development of the game and we are contacting Desura for publishing and soon will contact Steam after the launch so to get more reviews about the game, as for now Just two arabic sites (TrueGaming, NG4A) reviewed the game and two English sites TruePcGaming previewed the game and Final Boss Fight reviewed the game. I hope to get more reviews after the release :).

I hope I can release the game on the next week :) it depends on Desura and how fast they are going to reply on us (Hope fast enough).

That's everything for now just will show some in game screenshots and hope you like them :).

That's everything for now stay tuned for the release date :)

Bye Bye