Saturday, June 22, 2013

Clean'Em Up Anniversary

Hey All,
Long time since we post here. Last time when we post here it was about the direct sales for Clean'Em Up that doesn't do much for sales at all.
Like today from a year we published our first game Clean'Em Up (22/6/2012) we aimed high to get some sales and people will love the game and feel how much love we put in that game but all we got was low sale amount and low demo downloads and now no sales and no downloads for the demo so we thought it would be nice if all people can play the game and experience it with no money restrictions.

This means Clean'Em Up is now Free to play :) Hope that's a good news for all of you :) Hope for all people how didn't play it to like it :)

So what are you waiting for go now try the game (link).

That's everything for now :) stay tune for a full postmortem about the game in the upcoming week.

Bye Bye