Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Neon Shump Bundle and Steam Greenlight

Hey All,
First of all a new IndieBundle site is now in beta version, The site idea is nice where all bundles on it will be buy 3 games for a fixed price 5$ for Desura games and 10$ for Steam games.

The site organization and bundle ideas are nice and it is easy to pick and buy games from it (so easy).

Clean'Em Up is now a part of Neon Shump Bundle on the site where you pay 5$ for (Clean'Em Up, Koya Rift, P-3 Biotic) the three games are nice and amazing and you should try it (link).

The Second thing I wanted to talk about is that Clean'Em Up is now live on Steam Greenlight so consider supporting it so it can get on Steam (link).

That's everything for now but stay tuned for more news about new games and updates on Clean'Em Up.

Bye Bye

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